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Practical Prepping      Poll for July This months poll is one question but may take a bit of thought. What Is Your Prepper Mindset? t.
How To of the Week  This weeks’ “How To” is “Five- Gallon Bucket Filter for Rooftop Harvested Rainwater”. Many households would benefit from using rooftop harvested rainwater as a self-reliant source of drinking water. However, some concerns exist over contamination of the rainwater as it runs over roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. The US EPA, the World Health Organization and several academic studies identify granular activated carbon (GAC) as the best available technology for the control of hydrocarbons and many synthetic organic chemicals in drinking water. Granular activated carbon is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased on-line or from aquarium supply shops. This paper presents a simple DIY (Do-It- Yourself) design for a five-gallon bucket charcoal filter that can provide a household of five people drinking water for up to six months. t.
Someone once said that civilization is nine meals away from anarchy.  If you stop  to consider that at any given time, most population centers have only about three  days of food and water on hand.  They are dependent on a constant supply of food and other basic necessities in order to continue normal daily activities. What would you do if you went to the store and the  shelves were bare?  Imagine that something happened  that there would be no re-supply for an extended period  of time.  What if, for some reason, the government  couldn’t or wouldn’t provide emergency aid?  In just three  days you could very possibly find yourself in a survival  situation with no resources other than those you have on  hand. Waiting on the moment  when you feel that instinct  which tells you whether to fight or flee is an excellent  method of ending up Dead Right There (DRT).  Panic, confusion, hesitation are your worst enemies in any  crisis you are likely to encounter during a survival  situation.  An even deadlier enemy is ignorance.   Having even the most basic of plans will help you  overcome these obstacles. People prep for many reasons.  I live in an area prone to severe storms.  It would  be foolish for me not to plan on having to fend for myself for some period of time.   However, that is not the sole reason I prep.  I am responsible for the well being of  others on a daily basis.  For them, I am the go to guy in any crisis.  Batteries dead  in the flashlight?  I’ll fix it.  A burglar in the living room?  I’ll cure him.  No matter  what, my primary job in life is seeing to it that they always have food to eat, water  to drink, shelter and security.  I take my job seriously. I’ve assembled a large assortment of “How To” and other materials over the years  and have them scattered throughout this site.  In the near future I will be organizing them so they will be more easily discovered.  If you are unsure what something is,  there is probably a link to Amazon somewhere here.  It can help you visualize what  is being discussed as well as a more detailed description and price range for  planning purposes. I am also putting together several “How To” guides of my own.  If you have a guide  you would like to have posted please drop me an email and I will probably post it  “as is”. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.  Thank you for visiting, Ishimo
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